Next to the many reviews and interviews written in newspapers and magazines in the course of his long career, two books on Toer van Schayk have been published.

In 1998, a book with the title ‘Toer van Schayk, 3 Dimensions in Dance’ was published by the Walburg Pers, containing contributions by dance critics Isabella Lanz and Marcel-Armand van Nieuwpoort, as well as a written portrait of the artist by Rudi van Dantzig.

Under the title ‘Toer van Schayk, dancer, choreographer and artist’, a book by dance critic Astrid van Leeuwen, art critic Maaike Staffhorst, and art photographer Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflier, saw the light in 2016, also edited by the Walburg Pers. Both books deal extensively with Van Schayk’s work in dance, scenography and visual art.